The celebration continues!

You may or may not remember the first major celebration I had this year when I got out of credit card debt. And today the celebration continues because 1) it’s my mom’s birthday! and 2) my first student loan officially has a balance of $0!


I decided to pay off my loan before I make a credit card payment for my NYC trip because not only am I impatient to knock that loan out, my credit card has 0% interest rate for the first year and my loan has the highest interest rate of all my debts. Don’t worry though, next payday my credit card balance will be taken care of and I won’t leave it lingering with the 0% excuse for long.

So what’s next?

The obvious next step is to continue the debt snowball and to tackle the next $15,000 loan. But I’m throwing in two curve balls. First, this time of year gets packed full of gifts between Mother’s & Father’s Day and both of my parents’ birthdays so I’m giving myself a little elbow room for thoughtful gifts. Afterall, without living with my parents I couldn’t make the progress I have towards being debt free. I have a few really fun gifts in the works and I can’t wait to see their faces this week!


To hear the second curve ball, tune in tomorrow!

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