I Love NY

I’m back from the city and it was just the trip I needed to shed some stress and shake off what felt like a spring slump. It was such a good trip that I didn’t take more than 2 photos because I was just enjoying my time so much! Fortunately, I can steal a few from the other girls.

Here’s what went down:

  • Delicious lunch at Bareburger where us ladies picked up exactly where we left off
  • Being able to get ready to go out WITH girlfriends! It always helps to have a drink and a few opinions and options on outfits!


  • Megan’s and my FAVORITE NYC meal, Tiny Thai for dinner! Chicken Pad Thai & Crab Dumplings – yum & yum!!


  • Cocktails on the Lower East Side at Elsa
  • Brunch at Jane – 6 ladies magically beat the 1.5 hour wait and snagged the perfect booth right away and everyone really enjoyed their meals. I especially appreciated the waitress suggested an alteration to my sandwich that I was already hoping to make. Some restaurants, understandably, don’t like when customers try to adjust their meals but she made me totally comfortable with it.


  • A little wandering and shopping around town where I managed to not buy anything without complaint and I loved giving opinions of what the other girls should buy
  • A lounge-y afternoon in yoga pants with a snack table and a nap. That nap was the exact thing to rejuvenate me after a few months of stress and I still feel like a whole new woman. I think we all needed it and I’m so thankful we are all comfortable enough to just relax!
  • Met up with a big group of ladies for dinner at Mocando – incredible flavors and fun drinks!


  • Popped over to Brooklyn to go out to Union Pool, where Lenka happened to be in town and we got to visit for a bit!
  • Post-bar Midnight Express – the very best diner in the whole city!
  • No hangovers in the whole group (I think!?) – we toned down our old party lifestyle, which is not only healthier but more affordable and none of us felt bad about it one bit!


  • Bagels! NYC has some seriously good bagels and schmear (cream cheese). I recommend the Bagel Mill or the Bodega on 73rd and York.
  • Brunch with my godmother and godsister (no, that’s not a real thing but she’s like a sister to me and she’s my godmother’s daughter – whatever, it works). We ate in the West Village at Empellon Taqueria, which was also delicious and so good to see them!
  • I headed out to Chappaqua to visit my aunt, uncle and cousins for a quick dinner, which again, was incredibly delicious and nice to catch up!
  • Came back to the city and strolled through Time Square to meet Megan and her friend Claire at Social for a drink.


  • Megan and I tried going to the Top of the Rock, my all-time favorite place in the whole world, but with the Tony’s going on across the street at Radio City Music Hall, they closed earlier. However, we did catch quite a few people leaving the awards and it was fun to see the tuxedos and ball gowns.
  • We took a long stroll back to the Upper East Side along Central Park and I soaked up my favorite time in NY, when it’s peaceful (not crowded) and I can walk for miles. Not to mention the weather was perfect.
  • I experienced the nicest airport gate ever, with personal iPads at every seat with free wi-fi and the ability to order meals, snacks, drinks, etc brought to you by a waiter. It didn’t bother me one bit that my flight was delayed with service like that! Thanks, Delta and LGA!
  • I stayed under budget without even trying, which has never happened to me in NY! If I would have cut back on a few lazy cabs, it would have been even better!

It was one of those trips that went so smoothly, which obviously doesn’t always happen, especially in NYC. The four of us planned this trip together but we were able to see our own friends and keep our own schedule comfortably. We never had a wait for a meal and minus a little rain on Friday, I had no complaints. As much as I am glad I had the opportunity to live in the city, I will remain forever in love with NY as a visiting city.

Some friendships, especially long-distance, can be hard to maintain but we picked up right where we left off, we can talk about anything and everything and they’re an incredible support system – the best possible tool in your 20’s. It’s been a really tough year since I’ve last stepped foot in NYC but this weekend, in this city, with these friends was the exact remedy I needed and I’m incredibly lucky.

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