The anti-lazy bum playlist

First, I got crazy busy balancing 4 jobs. Then I felt like acting my age this past week and went out to bars and ate pizza like it was my job. No regrets because it turns out Pizza Luce is amazing, BUT I know it will catch up to me at some point and I’d rather not kick off summer feeling pudgy.

Thanks to dog sitting out-of-town, it’s been weeks since I’ve seen the inside of my gym. Fortunately, I end my month-long dog sitting spree tomorrow and I have some pretty serious intentions of getting back to core classes, yoga, and seeing Kelly at Zumba! Additionally, since the weather no longer makes me hate life, I can go on a run outside!

Having a specific goal really motivates me to tie up my laces so I plan to run a 5K the weekend of my birthday (June 24th) and plank for at least a minute a day.

So what’s going to help me get back to working out? Music of course!

Here’s what’s pumping me up these days:

workout playlistBut I need your help since this list is pretty short. New, old, popular or original – lay it on me! Tell me what’s making you work lately!


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2 Responses to The anti-lazy bum playlist

  1. Kelli says:

    I’ve been mostly listening to audio-books (hello-nerd-self), but if I want some tunes, these are my favs as of late (all country, yay Texas):
    – 1994 (Jason Aldean)
    – Boys Round Here (Blake Shelton)
    – Cruise (Remix version with Flordia Georgia Line & Nelly)

  2. Kelly says:

    “Cant Hold Us” is suuuuuuuch a good song. NOT that I’ve been running to it lately or anything (hahah) but I can only imagine that it would help with keeping up the running pace. Excited to see you at Zumba tonight! Any chance you’d be up for a quick bite to eat at Applebee’s afterwards? If you have plans, no biggie! Just thought I’d ask 🙂

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