Be Positive

I’ve done a lot of complaining this week. Sure, life can be frustrating at times, but instead I want to take a minute and turn some of those complaints into thanks.

I’m thankful for doctor bills because it means I was cared for and alive to pay them.

I’m thankful for dog sitting because it means I have extra income to pay for unexpected bills and some debt without worry.

I’m thankful for asthma because it reminds me not to take exercise for granted.

I’m thankful for being swamped with work because it means I’ve been blessed with skills to support myself.

I’m thankful for yoga pants because I can eat comfort food when I’m busy and overwhelmed.

I’m thankful for allergies because it means it is no longer winter.

I’m thankful for debt because it taught me a lifelong lesson of how to manage money.

I’m thankful for my yawns this morning because I loved working on customers’ resumes last night so much that I had to remind myself to go to bed!

Matt’s brother died of Leukemia and because his blood type was B+, his family created a motto “Be Positive”. It’s the reason I have a smiley face tattoo on my foot. Sometimes I need to look at that smile a little more often to remind myself how lucky I truly am.

Your turn – how can you turn your complaints into thanks?

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