The art of “side hustle”

The more I read personal finance blogs, the more I realize I’m not the only one always on the look out for more job opportunities. We “side hustlers” typically have a full-time job and then work an addition 1-5 side jobs to earn extra money. Personally, I use this money to pay off debt as fast as possible but obviously there are endless needs for extra cash.

Currently, when people ask me what I do for a living, it looks like this:

Multiple Jobs

Marketing/Inside sales full-time, babysitting, dog sitting, and running my own resume business – whew!

I am incredibly thankful I am able to market so many skills into extra income. I am lucky to live in an area that is in need of these services at reasonable rates and it certainly has been helping to pay off debt.

That being said, I give a lot of credit to anyone who works more than one job. The balancing act can be exhausting, especially on the days I try to do it all. Yes, I have had days where I feed the dogs and let them out bright and early, work remotely from the house that I’m dog sitting at; then after work I go babysit and when the baby eventually goes to sleep I edit a resume for a client.

As I juggle as many opportunities I can get, my days often look like this:

Multiple Jobs 1

It takes a lot of dedication, energy and time to give your best efforts to so many people but it is certainly rewarding most of the time! It has certainly contributed significantly to paying off nearly $5,000 worth of debt since January! The best part is that you can nearly pick and chose the amount you want to work that best fits your needs.

If you’re up for this highly caffeinated and organized lifestyle, here are some potential options for side hustle:

Sitting – Pets, babies, houses, you name it – but not on your bum! It probably will have busy owners at some point and who better to step in? This is one of my favorite gigs because I truly enjoy dogs and babies and it’s completely different work than my full-time job., and word of mouth are the best resources I’ve found.

Market your own skills – Are you good at gardening, singing, typing, graphic design, playing the harp, crafting? Make your own side business and bring your talents alive! Now, this definitely sounds easier said than done because it also includes learning to market yourself and be your own accountant. Katie Pelton Resumes has definitely been an adventure in learning so many entrepreneurial skills in addition to my current resume and cover letter talents. But the additional work will only help me expand my abilities!

Tutor – There are tons of students out there that might need a little extra help on a certain subject or two. If you can brush up on your education, you can definitely earn some extra cash. I have not taken this route (yet) but I have heard is a helpful resource to get started.

Blog or write about what you know – Obviously I blog but it has never been for money. I have not pursued this route (yet) but with my background in journalism and big pile of debt I think it would be fun. There are great resources for turning your blog into a profitable project, without having to be phony and post solely about products “you just have to try!” Making Sense of Cents and Dollars and Roses are my favorite blogging tutorials but again, I have yet to use them for myself.

Teach a skill – Look into teaching your own community education class! Charge a small fee per person and help others learn the skills you have!

I’m in the middle of a very long week of juggling multiple side jobs so excuse my short list. I know there are so many more was to hustle (legally 😉 )! What side jobs have you had?

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