Little Victories

Sometimes engagements end.

Sometimes you have to pace yourself cancelling things.

Sometimes it takes 4 months to split your family diamond from the beautiful engagement ring.

Sometimes, though, you wake up one day and simply take care of it on your lunch break.

Sometimes the jeweler even does it for free, instead of $25.

Sometimes you decide to take a different way home, since it’s a nice sunny day.

Sometimes that new route will lead you past a flower shop.

Sometimes you stumble upon the bouquet of tulips you’ve been wanting for a month.

Sometimes you treat yourself to these tulips since you saved $25 at the jeweler.

And sometimes you even feel at peace to start fresh and let go of a little more sadness.

Every relationship ends differently but I (we) have been fortunate in this difficult experience. It still isn’t always easy but I’m learning to get by with little victories.


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One Response to Little Victories

  1. with everything you’ve been through, I think you’re handling it wonderfully.

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