Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

When I first moved to South Carolina back in 2010, I swore I would never return to live in the Midwest because of their awful winters – no joke, we just got another 6 inches of snow last night, April 22nd. Never say never because I’m back but I hate winter more than ever. I have been ready and hopeful for spring since February and as time goes on, I am feeling more and more of the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder. My dad absolutely gets it every winter and I’m seeing a lot of similarities in my behavior.

What frustrates me the most is my lack of desire to workout. My work has a wellness program incentive to go to the gym 30 times in Quarter 2 (April 1 – June 30) and so far I’ve gone twice. Ouch! Whenever I have a free night from babysitting, the snow, rain and slush keep me indoors, typically with a big bowl of Kraft Mac & Cheese. I will seriously regret this laziness come summer when I’m traipsing around New York on my girls trip or when I want to strut my stuff at the pool.

So I’m going to try to wake myself up and beat these feelings of SAD until Spring decides to join us. Mind over matter, right? I know I won’t regret it, I just have to get my butt off the couch!

Fortunately, I have an irrational amount of self-confidence about my body. But when I sit down and look at the numbers, I’m on my way to being overweight, which is not an option I want to give myself. My goal with this is simply to be healthier and in better shape. I’m ok with the fact that my pear shape will never allow me to be extra skinny but I would like to manage my shape a little better. In my head I’m happy with my body (mostly) but when I see pictures I wonder what the hell happened. Getting back on track with my health should change that up a bit.

I’ve been focusing on debt too much and I need to make sure I balance out my goals. Maintaining regular exercise will keep me more alert and active in other parts of my life and can actually counteract SAD.

I have 68 days to get to the gym 27 times. Time to snap out of my funk and get moving!

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