Good marketing

Woah, a second post this afternoon? Yeah, that’s what happens when I take the reins off myself and I can post whenever I want about whatever I want. Sometimes random things happen that I want to share. Maybe that’s better for Tumblr but whatever, I’m owning it.

Anyway, I got an e-mail saying Panda Express was offering a free meal of their newest dish ‘Surf and Turf‘. I decided that would make a nice lunch so I whipped up the coupon on my phone and headed out. Turns out the “meal” is a teeny tiny serving (I shoulda known), that would merely be a snack. But I was already there and everything smelled so good!

The server asked me if I wanted to make it a bowl and still get a discount with my coupon. Well, ok! Then the cream cheese wontons looked so good! Then I realized we only had water to drink at home, which is normally fine but I needed a little caffeine to pep up this rainy/sleet-y day.

So my “free” meal turned into $6.42. Oops. Good marketing, Panda! You got me.

On my way home I kicked myself for not getting the free serving and leaving. I could have come home to make my own brown rice and drink water and maybe another cup of coffee etc. But I didn’t.

It was definitely a lesson in money management, but I’m determined to stick to my $100 allowance. This debt-free adventure continues!

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