Being myself

I read a lot of blogs. A lot. Some fitness, some finance and some lifestyle.

When I started blogging, it was purely about debt and figuring out my finances. As much as I enjoyed it, I kept wanting to be like everyone else and write about fitness and food and random link-ups etc. So I started fresh with Slowly but Surely and tried to write every day and cover topics to be everything to everyone. Yes, I’m a well-rounded person but being too broad is not an easy way to manage a blog. However, there’s also more to life than finance.

I haven’t blogged much lately because I felt like so much of what I think about these days is getting out of debt – trust me, it’s much better than thinking about a failed engagement. And I worried that people would think I was obsessed if that was all I blogged about. Confession session – I didn’t want to show how fairly obvious it was that I’ve been trying to cover up my sadness about my recent shift in life with an obsession with finance/debt. But honestly, who cares if I’m transparent? Who cares if I am choosing to direct my energy in a positive way to improve my life? And honestly, this blog has always been for myself so even if people have negative opinions (I must have a huge head to think people have opinions about my tiny blog!), it shouldn’t stop me! I’m proud of the progress I’ve made and it deserves to be documented. I’m learning a lot and my situation is not rare, so maybe others can relate or learn something, too.

So no, this blog won’t become exclusively a personal finance blog. Sure, I will probably talk about debt more, but I will still share my progress in the gym, in the kitchen, and in life, whenever I want to. Either way, I’m letting myself off the hook for what I “should” be writing about or if I have enough pictures or whatever petty concerns I had.

It’s time I listened to advice I give others all the time – as long as you’re not disrespectful, do whatever the hell you want. Some people will like it and others won’t but as long as you’re happy, it’s all good.

Now that that’s off my chest, I can’t wait to share what I’ve been up to! Here’s a sneak peek: just yesterday I made an extra $550 loan payment! I’m proud of myself and I can’t wait to get back to my old blogging self!

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2 Responses to Being myself

  1. I LOVE reading about personal finance, fitness, health, and bloggers’ lives in general! I actually get bored when a blogger sticks to one topic, because it’s probably a post that someone else has written a million times before. What makes blogging fun is reading about people’s personal stories and their own journey. Write about whatever you feel like!

  2. I’m excited for you to write a little more about personal finance! But mix up all of your posts. As you just did, write about anything that comes to mind/inspires you/etc. Gotta be yourself! 🙂

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