My sister’s visit – a top 10 list

So what if this post is nearly a month overdue? Life happens and wedding pics take forever to be seen. But her visit/wedding was awesome so I have to document it!

10. A whole week without too many cooking responsibilities! Normally I’m the meal planner, grocery shopping, cooker and cleaner for most meals at home. But with a wedding and a “celebratory” dinner out nearly every night the following week, it was a much needed break!

9. Having company in the house during the days so I could take mini breaks with them while I worked from home. It gets quiet around the house during the day!

8. Listening to hilarious stories of how the pastor kept hitting on female guests during the wedding reception and other silly parts of the day that didn’t go according to plan! I couldn’t make up the details of that day if I tried!

7. Family game night! Our family loves board games and it was fun having an extra player. My sister and her friend won Pictionary and it brought a lot of laughs!

6. Watching my sister walk down the isle was really beautiful and emotional. I didn’t expect to cry at all but I might have done a little bit of an ugly cry that I tried to hide while pictures were being taken! I can’t believe my LITTLE sister is a married woman!

5. Shoe shopping with Sarah over a random lunch break was a lot of fun. It was probably the only time all week it was just the two of us and we had a lot of luck finding shoes and a few laughs trying on some silly ones.

4. I got to take my sister to Zumba one night and she loved it! It was nice to show her a little bit of my regular life now that I’m back in Minnesota and it was fun awkwardly dancing together. Her coordination might be worse than mine!

3. I took my sister and new brother-in-law out one night to my alma mater to have a few drinks in Dinky Town. It was fun being back on campus, even though it was a ghost town thanks to spring break. I introduced them to the “circle of death” drinking game and it was fun to finally be able to drink with my sister – yes, she is that young!

2. I gained a brother-in-law! I didn’t grow up with any boys since my half-brother is older and always lived away from us. It was nice having another “sibling” to add to the mix and I look forward to spending more time with him in our family.

1. My family didn’t argue for a whole 10 day visit together! After 3 days together, some combination of people typically butts heads and we’re all ready to go back to where we came from. Maybe it’s the fact that we had a buffer of my bro-in-law who appears to keep Sarah a little more in line, who knows. But I found myself actively sad to take her to the airport and wishing they lived a quick 30 minutes away. It’s certainly bittersweet because now we won’t see them for another 2.5 years unless I save enough money to go visit.

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One Response to My sister’s visit – a top 10 list

  1. Dawn says:

    Your sister is a beautiful bride!! Sounds like a great time spent with the ones you love.

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