Thankful Thursday

By the time I realize it’s Thursday, it’s usually too late for a “Thankful Thursday” post. Fortunately, today is an exception. Today I’m especially thankful for… 

  • My mom starting my day by delivering Caribou Coffee to me in bed!
  • Hearing from old friends and knowing how great my support system is, even if they’re not always directly in front of me.
  • Expanding my social circle and trying a new bar with a friend of a friend tonight
  • All the lessons I’ve been learning the past few months
  • Getting into running again
  • All the great babysitting families I’ve made relationships with since moving here
  • My job and working from home. Check scanners aren’t always the most interesting but I appreciate the opportunity I have.
  • Being credit card debt free. A week later and it still feels really great. It has certainly carried over into severe impatience to pay off my first student loan!
  • My upcoming trip to Texas! Spending 4 days of girl time with some of my besties in warm sunshine sounds AMAZING!!

I hope everyone has plenty to be thankful for today!

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