This weekend I…

Linking up with Syndal and Sar for a quick weekend recap!

…celebrated my sister’s “bachelorette party” on Friday night. Yes, after her wedding. Her friend planned a small gathering for dinner since Sarah got married so quickly we didn’t have time for an actual bachelorette party. Basically it was a tame celebration for her last night in town. We went to Dick’s Last Resort and it was anything but classy, as expected.


…witnessed the Gophers win their first round of March Madness but sadly they lost to Florida last night 😦

…sweated my booty off at Zumba with Kelly! T-10 days until I’m in a bathing suit in Texas!

…said “good-bye” to my sister on Saturday! After the 10-day wedding extravaganza, she headed back to England and has no plans to return until November 2015! 😦

photo(21)…said “good-bye” to my new brother-in-law, one day later. It is crazy to think that they will be married for over 2 years before I see them again!

photo(22)…babysat Saturday evening. I’ve sat for this family a few times now but this time their dog bit me! Fortunately the dog is up to date on his shots but man, it hurt!

photo(23)…played an incredibly dirty version of the game “Things” with Amanda’s family on Saturday night. If you’ve never played, I highly recommend this hilarious game!

…soaked up some r&r Sunday morning in bed with the Civil Wars album “Barton Hollow” to help me recover from 10 straight days of celebrating my sister’s wedding.

…met a new babysitting family with the cutest 18-month old! I swear, adorable kids actually make getting out of debt pretty fun! I can’t wait to start putting some April gig’s on the calendar!

…finally grocery shopped and stocked up on vegetables. 10 days of house guests means LOTS of dining out and eating junk so I’m really looking forward to getting some healthier food in me asap!

One more full week of work before vacation – I think I can! I think I can!




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2 Responses to This weekend I…

  1. Sarah says:

    Wait, Katie, you’re going to be in Texas?! Where?!

  2. Andrea says:

    Wow! That’s a long time before you’ll see your sister again! Thankfully technology helps with keeping in touch across the distance!!


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