Blog Questions – I need your help!

Blog posts have been few and far between these days for a few reasons. Besides being a little uninspired lately, I’ve been having two blog issues that have been turning me off from logging in and sharing my dirty deets. Maybe one of you readers could help me!

  • I get a crazy amount of spam comments on previous posts. It makes me not want to post in fear of my e-mail filling up with “anonymous” commentators. I don’t think my e-mail address is blatantly all over this blog but maybe I’m wrong! What can I do??
  • Apparently I am a “no reply” commenter. So when I comment on other blogs they can’t respond to me like they could with Blogger. People with WordPress, how do I fix this??

Your reward for helping me with this incredibly boring post is future posts once these issues are resolved!

And if you haven’t done so yet, go fill out your bracket!

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2 Responses to Blog Questions – I need your help!

  1. sunnyinsd says:

    I setup a completely separate e-mail account for my blog. That could help with the spam. I am not sure about the other issue though–I am still new to wordpress too. Good luck!

  2. have you installed akismet? it’s a spam filter. I also would get tons of spam, until i had that removed. and i also recommend getting a separate email just for your blog if you haven’t already done so. as for the no reply thing, i don’t know how to fix that in wordpress, only in blogger.

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