Where were we?

So I joined a Minnesota Blogger’s group and then precisely stopped blogging for a while. Blogging simply took last priority after my life got flipped turned upside down (thanks, Fresh Prince). I’m not saying life is by any means “normal” again but I want to get back to writing and joining that blogging community again.

Here’s a few quick updates with the past month:

  • Work has lost its damn mind. I went to a company conference with hope of a promotion and I left with more responsibilities but the same hours and same pay. It’s been really hard to adjust and unfortunately departments complain that I can’t meet their impossible standards. So that’s been fun.
  • Although it’s a lot of work, cooking for my parents and myself has been really rewarding. Seeing my parents enjoy vegetables and feel more comfortable in their bodies is worth it.
  • I’ve been establishing my side-job as a babysitter and am balancing five families at the moment.
  • I’ve never been able to pay so much towards debt in such a short amount of time and I can’t wait to share my progress with you!
  • I’ve taken comfort in reading and have read both “Where We Belong” and “Heart of the Matter” by Emily Giffin. I just started “Gone Girl” to kick off a new book club and I couldn’t be more excited about the book and the new faces I’ll meet through this club!
  • My little sister is getting married NEXT MONTH! It was not fun finding out on Facebook but I’m happy for my sister and future brother-in-law. She lives in England and has the Air Force pushing a lot of the timing so my mom and I are stepping in to help. She is having a small wedding at our home next month and then a large wedding next fall. Considering I just finished cancelling my own wedding, it’s not always easy filling this role but I’m doing my best to help. I can’t let all that planning and information I’ve learned go to waste, can I?
  • I’ve continued my side business of Katie Pelton Resumes and it continues to be rewarding. If only I could dedicate more time to it!
  • I’ve made a lot of realizations and have learned a lot of lessons regarding my breakup. It has not been fun but it has certainly been necessary. I continue to be sorry for those that I hurt and I can only go forward and learn for the future, whatever that may be.
  • I saw Fun. in concert! A night out with girlfriends felt great and Fun. is simply incredible! I highly suggest their CDs!
  • I found Birthday Cake Oreo’s!! No explanation needed.

What a Hodge podge of an update, eh? I’m happy to be back to blogging and I hope to keep at it consistently! I’ve still been reading a lot of your blogs still but I hope I can stay caught up soon!

P.S. Mom & Dad, here is your que to click the un-subscribe button at the bottom of your screen 🙂 Living at home plus being having avid Slowly But Surely readers for parents becomes just a little too much involvement for me! Thank you and LOVE you both!

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3 Responses to Where were we?

  1. Emily Giffin is always a good read. I can’t wait for the book club. Should be a great time.

    ha! I love the ps at the bottom.

  2. I’m glad to have you back! I just finished Heart of the Matter last night! By far, my least favorite of hers… :/
    I also read Gone Girl last month. I liked it, very twisted. Definitely a page turner. Going to the library this evening to pick up my next book! The art of Racing in the Rain…I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

  3. andrea says:

    bday cake oreos! YUM! i SO wish i was able to be apart of the book club, but look forward to good read suggestions! 🙂

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