A spending diet, much like a food diet, is all about making choices. Here are some excellent choices I made my first week of this diet:

  1. I got around to returning my desk heater that I really don’t need at work. I got $16.85 back. $10 to savings and $6.85 to myself to buy more stamps and a pen for our Christmas cards.
  2. I typically eat an English muffin for breakfast every morning but my pack only lasted me until Thursday this week. Instead of swinging through the McD’s drive-thru for a sausage egg McMuffin (no cheese, please) on Friday morning I made an alternative breakfast using random snack foods I’ve brought to work over the past few weeks. Multigrain crackers topped with cream cheese and tuna. I’m sure my coworkers loved the smell. But it was healthier and cheaper so I win.
  3. I wanted to make my home desk more functional for KPR by adding a lamp. I knew we had one somewhere but I had no idea where and I knew the bulb was bad. Instead of popping over to Walmart to browse for lamps and other things that I might want/need I went on a hunt to find a lamp we had (found) and replaced the bulb with a fresh one we had on hand.
  4. We spent Friday night inventing games to keep us entertained rather than going out.
  5. We also spent Friday night watching a movie on Netflix instead of paying to rent one. Honestly, the Big Lebowski was not that great though.
  6. I meal planned and cooked at home a lot – all but two meals this week!
  7. When I did needed to go to Walmart for basics like floss and toothpaste I made a list and stuck to it. No casual strolls through the isles to find things I can’t live without.
  8. I got my glasses fixed for free while at Walmart. One of the sides came unscrewed a long while back and my outdated prescription glasses were no longer doing the trick. Walking around with one side of my glasses missing was also not doing the trick. It simply had to be screwed back in so I finally have working glasses at no extra cost.

A spending diet, much like a food diet, is a very slow process. It will require daily choices like these for years to come to get out of debt and to have the savings and spending ability that I want for my life. My biggest hurdle will be to not lose motivation day in and day out until I get there. Fortunately, for me, every good choice I make makes it harder to undo that work with poor decisions.

Weekly Status:

Credit Card Debt (after today’s payment) – $2691.53

Savings – $74.22 (+$10)

Spending – $60 $26.80

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