Cyber Monday!

Heads up ladies & gents, Katie Pelton Resumes is offering 50% off all services today only for Cyber Monday! Resume help can also make a great gift for the holidays! And remember, I offer a $5 Starbucks reward for any referral you send my way!

Place an order at katiepeltonresumes at gmail dot com (sorry, spammers!).

Speaking of Cyber Monday, here’s my Christmas wish list this year:

Old Navy Colored Skinny Jeans – Light Pink or Purple are fun hints of color šŸ™‚ I wanted a red wine color but it appears they don’t offer them anymore.

Gray infinity scarf


1717 Olive scarve

Warm running clothes – I’m thinking of quitting the gym to save money so I want to run outside while staying fairly warm.

A spice rack


Nike + Kinect Training

Viking vs. Packers tickets when they play Dec. 30th

A nicely padded savings account

A much prettier number on the scale

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to enjoy work with my Christmas Pandora station playing all day šŸ™‚ What’s on your list this year?

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One Response to Cyber Monday!

  1. Kelly says:

    I got a great pair of cold-weather running tights at JCPenny last week. I wore them during the turkey trot in Brainerd (it was around 40) and I was perfectly warm. It was awesome. Great list though! I’ve been brainstorming about my Christmas list lately too!

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