Wedding Wednesday – The Ceremony Location Part II

Today is a big day! And it’s not just because it’s the start of a 5 day holiday weekend! I can’t wait for the day that I can write all about it but for now, please send good vibes my way this morning ūüôā Moving on…

It feels great to have a ceremony location that everyone is happy with!

We’re going with the Outer Edge in Appleton, WI.

Photo from photographers Ray + Kelly of a previous wedding done there.

The Outer Edge used to be a church back in 1929. It still holds a lot of the traditional look of a church, such as gorgeous stained glass windows. But since the church moved to a different location, the venue is now used for smaller concerts, high school prom and weddings Рcomplete with lighting and music set up however you would like.

Ray + Kelly Photography

Baseman Photography

Honestly, I love the look of the covered chairs much¬†better but I’m trying really hard to not care about it to¬†save the extra money. The venue¬†will need a few of our personal decorations, which I’m all about anyway. I’m just thrilled to have a venue that I see so much potential to really make it representative of¬†us on our wedding day.

It will comfortably fit everyone and it’s a 10 minute drive to the reception/hotel. Like I suspect with most weddings, it costs more than we had planned/hoped but it is worth it to have¬†something that¬†fits our needs. An additional perk of the cost is that it comes with a wedding coordinator to help with vendor deliveries and making sure everything runs smoothly on April 12, 2014.

Now that I have a visual of our ceremony and reception, it is much easier to picture our day and fill in the other details! Whew!

With so many of the major parts planned, we realistically don’t have to lift a wedding-related finger until April if we don’t want to. Fortunately, though, I will because I work well at my own pace. I even have a little bit of it in the works already¬†ūüėČ

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