Wedding Wednesday – A New Date!

First of all, thank you for everyone who had such kind and supportive words about Matt and I waiting to get married until we were more ready to do what worked best for us. It’s not always easy to go against the fairy tale but thankfully things have worked out much better as a result.

After a few weeks of letting the wedding chaos settle down, letting Matt pass his actuary exam, and doing a tiny bit of research, we have a new and official wedding date!

April 12, 2014!

One night we looked at our calendars to determine when would be an ideal time for us to get married based on Matt’s exam schedule and my career goals and when we would be ready. We thought the second weekend in April of 2014 would be pretty perfect but we remained flexible.

I looked at our contract with our reception location and if we were to cancel with them and find a whole new vendor, it would be a $2,000 fine. Whelp, that surely wasn’t going to happen so it was determined that we were staying with that decision and the general location of central WI. Fair enough.

During the stressful time of trying to find a location for the ceremony, there was one site that seemed perfect for what we wanted. After a quick tour we agreed it was the place for us.

I’ll have a whole post on the official ceremony location but for now, let’s just say we booked the place we really wanted for the second weekend in April on the same day that the reception location agreed to change the date to the second weekend in April without a fee. Whew!

Then I contacted our photobooth and photographer to see what would happen if we changed the date. We purchased the photobooth rental through Groupon so I was sure that we would have to pay more to use the service since our new date was outside of the Groupon’s deal. The guy I spoke to, Steve Giese (look him up for photobooth rentals, AWESOME customer service!), said that we were locked in at that price but he would be happy to change the date for us! We even were able to get Groupon to cancel the deal and we paid Steve the same amount so he didn’t have to split his profit with Groupon. It’s the least we could do for being so nice to change the date and let us keep that awesome price!

Lastly, I heard back from our photographer this week that it would be no problem to change our date to April 12!


I don’t recommend being flakey with your dates like we were. However, I’m so incredibly thankful that we decided to regroup from our struggles and do what was best for us. We needed to wait and enjoy some time in the same city, let alone life as husband and wife. We needed to wait and save more money. We needed to become more of a team and appreciate eachother’s difference as strengths before we walked down the isle. Sometimes it takes some peace and quiet to find the answers, which isn’t great for my impatient self. I’m learning though.

And when we finally relaxed, focussed on what was important, and followed our hearts everything worked out so smoothly. I finally started to get the excited butterflies about marriage and being a bride. That’s when I knew it was right.

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2 Responses to Wedding Wednesday – A New Date!

  1. I’m glad to hear you guy had such a worry-free outcome!

  2. Yay! I’m so happy that everything is working out with the new date. Now that you’re less stressed about it all, my guess is everything else will flow fairly smoothly too…

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