DIY – How to make a Wreath

The minute I had my own apartment with Matt, I knew I wanted a wreath to make our front door more welcoming. has some gorgeous, customized wreaths but the prices range from $45-$100, which isn’t exactly in our budget for home decorations.

First stop: Pinterest.

This was my original goal:


The result was uneven, easily frayed, and was not going to work for our door.

Idea #2 was:

Attempt #2 turned out much better and it was really easy. Here’s what you do:


18″ wire wreath frame


1 roll of burlap

Hot glue gun

Large Wooden Letter

(1) 3M plastic hook

1. Paint your large wooden letter whatever color you’d like. I chose a navy W since it contrasted nicely with the burlap and our red door. W will be my new last initial once we’re married 🙂 Set aside to let dry.

2.. Weave burlap between the rims of the wire frame. Keep material loose to from a loop but bunch the loops together so you cannot see the wire frame. Mine turned out much tighter/less-loopy than the picture above, but it still works. Continue all the way around the frame.

3. Use the hot glue gun to apply your dried, painted letter to the wreath.

4. Clean your door (or any hanging spot of your choice). Once dry, stick your 3M hook on door and let dry for at least an hour.

5. Hang your wreath on the hook by the rim on the frame.


My final product!

All of the materials can be bought at Michael’s and/or Joann Fabrics and the entire project took about 2 hours of work and cost $20.

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