Thursday Thoughts

  • Sometimes you just need to unwind a little bit. Watching a movie completely phone-less and computer-less is wonderful. Not forcing yourself to get up before work to go to the gym and allowing yourself a few extra hours of sleep. Taking a break from wedding planning. This all happened this week and I appreciate myself for it.
  • There was talk between Matt and I this week about moving to Minnesota. Unfortunately and fortunately, it’s not going to happen. It was a very stressful conversation but the right decision is to stay where we are, however much I dislike our area, and set us up for a good career move further down the road.
  • This conversation did, however, lead us to the discussion of getting a dog! Our apartment complex switched management, and with that means a change of pet policy. I have wanted a dog for years but either can’t afford one or our apartment doesn’t allow them. Matt and I even discussed moving so we could have one but since I just moved in, it seemed like a big hassle. Now, our apartment allows 1 small dog per household!!! The hunt has begun for a dog, 20lbs or less, not a puppy, that is not going to fit in my purse, is not super girly, and will not yap at everyone. We would love a medium-sized dog but we’re hoping to find the perfect small addition to our lives! If you frequent sites like PetFinder etc, send some Wisconsin doggie pics my way!
  • One of my best friends loves Cadbury Eggs. I mean, LOOOOOOOOVES. But since they’re seasonal, I’m in the process of learning how to make them myself! The recipe LOOKS easy and SOUNDS simple but there were a few technical difficulties last night. Attempt #2 will take place tonight. Eventually I will have a full recipe and instruction post so you don’t fall into my mistakes if you’re interested in making these egg treats.
  • I was on a prednisone steroid for asthma for 3 weeks. I’ve been off it for 2 weeks but the side effects are hanging around while it leaves my system. I’m thankful that it helped with asthma but man, I could sure do without the weight gain, zits and unpleasant side effects below the belt.  
  • Starting a side business is hard work but I’m proud that Katie Pelton Resumes is slowly helping us pay down debt faster! Thank you, again, for the referrals and support as I continue to grow!
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3 Responses to Thursday Thoughts

  1. Doggy!! So excited for you! One of the first things I want when I go back to Texas is a bird. I miss having a pet, but it’s too cruel to have one here in the city.

  2. Sar says:

    I cannot wait for the tutorial for the Cadbury eggs!

  3. Cait says:

    So proud of you for starting a side biz! And I’m so excited/jealous that you’re looking for a dog. Hope you’ll post pics, when you find the right one and bring it home 🙂

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