Wedding Wednesday – Photography

I love pictures. It’s the main way I decorate and give gifts. So when it comes to photographing our wedding, not just any photographer would do. No awkward wedding photos for us.

But I wanted more than the standard, cliché poses too. And as big of a priority as photography is, it still can’t cost us a small fortune.

I knew it was early but I started asking some of the creative photographers I knew. Shockingly, they were almost all booked for our date already! Que panic.

If I didn’t act quickly all the good photographers would be gone and we’d have photos on Awkward Family Photos for years to come. Obviously.

So Matt and I turned to Google. There’s no way we could afford the $3,000 a lot of good, creative photographers were charging!

We were looking for 8 hours of coverage, rights to print, and a disc with our images. We didn’t need a printed leather-bound book or expensive a la carte options. Finding a photographer with the simple package that we needed was harder than expected.

After many e-mails and phone calls it came down to two great potentials at half that price.

Misty Mays Photography is based in Minneapolis but she was willing to travel to Wisconsin for our wedding. The additional travel expenses still made her rates better than most I’ve seen. I worked with Misty back when I went to the University of Minnesota and she has some really great pictures.

Aronson Studios is relatively new and based in Appleton, WI. The best part about Daniel’s service is that he brings 2 additional photographers to the wedding to include multiple perspectives. For example, one photographer can cover the bride getting ready, another can cover the groom getting ready and yet another can cover guests arriving. How cool is that? The price is also in our range and we would get 5 copies of the photo DVD for family and backup. It’s also nice that he’s local.

Both photographers are really upbeat and instantly made us feel comfortable with what we were looking for. Neither Matt nor I are super photogenic so the more comfortable we are the better pictures we’ll get. They both have some good poses but their real talent is in the candid photos. And best of all, they were both willing to work with my Type A personality when it came to different shots I wanted to be sure to get.

In the end, we chose Aronson Studios simply for the additional photographers aspect. I love having a set of eyes everywhere so I can get all the details and fun from the day with all of our pictures. It will be a busy day and I don’t want to worry about missing anything.

If you’re in the Minneapolis area though, check Misty out. She has some especially adorable kids and family photos on her site and she’s really fun to work with.

It feels great to have one more thing crossed off the to-do list!

And don’t forget to check out yesterday’s giveaway! It ends Friday!

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