High Five Friday

  1. Happy Friday! I don’t know about you but it sure hasn’t felt like a “short” week for me. I can’t wait for the weekend to begin at 5pm!
  2. If you were looking for a new job, would you ever hire a professional to help you build or review your resume, cover letter or professional thank you note? Sites like resumewriters.com charge prices that seem insane to me but a quality resume is one of the best tools you can have in the job market. What services would be valuable, especially to college students and recent grads and what prices are reasonable? I have a few ideas in the works and I would love some opinions!
  3. Since Asthma has been kicking my ass all week month I haven’t been going to the gym in the mornings lately. However, my brain still wakes me up that early anyway. I try with all my might to go back to bed but at 4:30AM I’m up for the day. It is so unlike me! But I do suppose it’s nice to have time in the morning to sip my coffee, catch up on blogs, and not rush to get out the door for work. And once I can resume my workouts my body won’t need to readjust to the early mornings, I guess.
  4. One week from today I’ll be headed to Minnesota for my best friend’s wedding weekend! I cannot wait to celebrate with her! It’s the first wedding I’ve ever been in (minus flower girl duties). My awesome mom bought me a different bridesmaid dress because the stress of trying to squeeze into my $10 dress was not worth it. Bummer. Lesson learned. But the new dress is WAY better! Let’s hope this one fits this time 😉
  5. One year from today I’ll be waking up on my wedding day!! WOW!!!! I can’t even freaking believe it! I know for certain that one year from today all this planning and stress will have been worth it and it really will be an awesome party for everyone! I am so excited! We’re celebrating our pre-anniversary tonight and I can’t wait for 50 more anniversary celebrations to come!
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One Response to High Five Friday

  1. i would not pay someone to look at my resume. instead i would ask a colleague to look at it, like a former boss, or mentor. i would also check with your college’s center for work and service. i know my alma mater has excellent people that help you with your resume and all that.

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