Becoming a morning person

I don’t even recognize myself these days. I mentioned a few weeks back that I was dipping my toe into the early bird workout pool and I actually really enjoyed it. I was sidelined for a week with a severe asthma attack but it actually ended up helping me adjust to the early mornings.

Yes, that clock does say 6:10 (am!). I don’t want to see that bill but glad they could help me!

You see, if you’re waking up each day at 4:30am unable to breathe, your body gets used to the early wake up call and you quickly become ready for bed at an earlier time. That worked out nicely when the asthma symptoms died down (they have still not gone away!) because I naturally continued the early wake-up call to catch my 5:30 workout class or hit the treadmill. It has seamlessly turned me into a morning person!

When I’ve taken the early morning workout approach before I would only do it one or two days a week. That meant two days a week I had to force myself to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier and the other days I could splurge in my night-owl tendencies. That made it infinitely harder to get out of bed on the early days because it was such a shock to the system each time.

But now I do it each week day and it has become routine. My body is used to being tired around 10/10:30pm (sometimes even earlier but I find too much to putz on to go to bed any earlier), get 6 hours of sleep and leave the house by 5am for the gym.

I’m usually home by 6:45 at the latest and I have time to do all sorts of stuff before I leave for work at 7:30. I can shower, make a healthy breakfast, sip coffee while I watch a bit of the Today Show or GMA, I can actually pick out an outfit and make myself look put-toghether and if I didn’t get to it the night before, I can make my lunch. Feeling that productive before I even get to work does wonders on my attitude and productivity for the rest of the day.

And when I’m finished with work for the day, I can go home to do whatever I please. If I want to read all night, or watch hours of TV, or cook a nice dinner, or tackle wedding planning, etc I can, guilt free, because my big responsibilities for the day are already out-of-the-way. And if Matt and I want to get in a workout together or play tennis, it’s easy to squeeze in two workouts in one day!

I fully intend to use my weekends to sleep in and relax if I want to. But honestly, I don’t see me ditching this weekday early bird routine anytime soon. It is well worth leaving the coziness of my bed and maybe I can reach my fitness and health goals after all.

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