I made a friend!

First of all, thanks for all your votes on the dresses! It looks like dress #2 is the winner and I cannot wait to pull the outfit together and get our photos taken!

You might remember the story about how my cool co-worker was moving to Portland just shortly after I met her. Fortunately, she introduced me to a friend of hers, Amber, before she left. Amber is also really cool, wants to start a book club with me, is also getting married next September, and is looking for a workout buddy! Perfect!

Then she uttered a few words that made me question her sanity, “Let’s do the 5:30am classes at the gym.”

You guys. Seriously? I am not a morning person. I’m usually awake 15 min. before I have to leave for work. Amber said she’s not a morning person either but if we do it together it would make her go. Touche.

She didn’t waste any time either. “Wanna start tomorrow with Body Pump?!” – ummm ok! Guess so!

Body Pump?! I’ve heard a lot about it. Most fit bloggers I read say they go all the time. I figured it was an aerobic class of some sort. But I recently saw an ad at the gym for it.

There’s a very muscular man squatting with a very heavy-looking barbel resting across his shoulders. Me, barbel?? Oh, no. I have the least upper body strength possible. Just enough to move a few boxes in and out of an apartment – and really, that’s more leg work anyway.

Barbels at 5:30am? Apparently I’m desperate to make friends here!

So I hopped out of bed at 4:45am on Tuesday morning, choked down a protein granola bar, put on my shoes and headed out the door before my mind was awake enough to convince me otherwise. And ya know what? It was awesome!

I even did a move like this and I didn’t have to make that strained face:

Amber showed up shortly after me and we both admitted we had little to no upper body strength and that we’ve never done this before and that we probably wouldn’t have showed up if it weren’t for the other person. Ok, whew!

It turns out we have similar upper body strength and used the same amount of weights for each exercise and we both struggled miserably through the push-up and plank sections. It was nice to not be the only one using wimpy weights.

And once the class was over, we agreed that it wasn’t so bad. The instructor’s music choice is a bit outdated but otherwise, no complaints. It was awesome to work so many muscles and having an instructor telling me how many reps to do is all the discipline I needed. We were both sure we would crash at 4pm, though.

Thanks to an endless supply of caffeine throughout the day, I was no only a tiny bit more tired than normal throughout the day. I even managed to cross off a short cardio session at the gym that night, too. It was great to get home by 6:50am (just as Matt was getting up!), have time to drink coffee, watch the Today Show and take my time getting ready for work. I was a bit more productive throughout the day at work and was happy that my difficult workout was already over for the day.

So we went back today and it will become a regular Tuesday/Thursday thing! We might even throw a yoga or kickboxing class or our own cardio sessions on other days too! Although Matt thinks I’m insane, I think it will be an excellent way get in shape and to become better at handling the mornings. Thank goodness for new friends!

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One Response to I made a friend!

  1. Tamara says:

    Yay for new friends! You do what you gotta do – even if it’s at 5:30am. Haha.

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