TV Workout Games

Matt and I love to watch TV and we especially love starting a new TV series and having full marathons of the show or at least regularly watching a few episodes a night for weeks on end until the series is finished. We’ve loved shows like LOST and White Collar, to name a few. However, the couch potato lifestyle isn’t exactly good for us.

Being a 24-year-old recently out of college, you know we’re familiar with TV drinking games. Ya know, you’re watching Family Guy and every time Peter sings a song (or a bunch of other scenarios happen) you drink a designated amount. But A) those games are frowned upon during the week when we have to work the next day and B) they don’t exactly help my waistline.

So I got the notion to play TV workout games instead! Now, this is not an original idea of mine by any means. But it’s something neither Matt nor I have tried and I’m excited to try this!

On Sunday night we started watching Game of Thrones on HBO. It’s a crazy intense show that takes place in Medieval times. I was skeptical but after a gazillion recommendations from various people, we decided to see what all the hype was about. One episode in and we were hooked. But instead of spending hours and hours simply sitting and starring a TV screen, we will be incorporating this workout:

Cool, eh? Matt always has a hard time squeezing in workouts while he studies for his actuary exams but he always finds time to watch this show. Win, win!

Now, if Game of Thrones isn’t for you, here are a few other TV Workout Games (via) that might be more up your alley. I’m no expert but I suggest you adjust each game to match your level of fitness to make it worth it. Don’t go injuring yourself because of a suggestion from me!

Yes, the couch is really comfortable but get up and move that booty!


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One Response to TV Workout Games

  1. What a great idea!! I need a Big Brother version, that’d be 3x per week! 🙂

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