Fun facts from the weekend

1. Saturday was the first day of our engagement that Matt and I spent apart. And to let me know he was still thinking of me, he had flowers delivered 🙂

2. Typically my Friday and Sunday nights are spent like this:

This weekend was the second time all summer that I didn’t pack up the car and drive to visit family or friends. I worked out, I read, I baked, I watched stupid reality tv and P.S. I Love You. It was awesome!

3. I baked Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins this weekend using a pinterest recipe. It simply included 4 bananas, yellow cake mix, 2 eggs and chocolate chips. An easier and cheaper option since we don’t have a stocked baking cabinet just yet. They were delicious!! Except Matt doesn’t like Banana Bread/Cupcakes/Muffins etc.

4. Cream Cheese apparently has an alternative name:

Why can’t they just say “cream” cheese? I had to ask a salesperson at the grocery store to make sure I was buying the right thing for my strawberry cheesecakes. He probably thought I was stupid.

5. I actually had girls night! Despite not having a lot of lady friends in this part of town, I enjoyed a fun night with Matt’s friend’s girlfriend. The boys were at the bachelor party so I packed my baked goods for a 40-min drive and some girl talk. It was so refreshing!

6. Matt and I got HBO on Sunday. Apparently ALL free time will no longer be productive with shows like these on hand:

7. This is the fourth consecutive week that Matt and I have meal planned and grocery shopped (or ate out) within our food budget simply by making a list around the meals we plan to make and paying attention to sales. We each put $100 cash into a food envelope on payday and we use it to cover all of our food without worrying which bank account it will come out of. It’s a big relief to be comfortable with our budget.


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