When fitness and finance combine

When I started my new job, the best part about orientation was learning about the Wellness Program. The incentives my company offers to be active and healthy are incredible.

There are three options to complete the Wellness Program each quarter:

  1. Participate in a company sponsored wellness event.
  2. Participate in a Digital Coaching Program through our insurance.
  3. Complete and provide record of 30 workouts at your fitness center of choice.

If you complete one of these options, you will receive $20 each payroll. Sweet!

Additionally, with proof of a fitness center membership, employees will receive an extra $50 (a one time payment).

What’s even better, if you complete option 3, you can receive $50 each quarter you complete it.

So with option 3, you can earn $770 by going to the gym 120 times in a year. That’s a doable 2-3 times per week. Since I live in a state that is freezing cold at least six months of the year, I will definitely be using a gym to workout anyway. And on those days it is gorgeous out, the financial incentive is worth it to get me indoors.

I joined the YMCA last month and am working my way towards my first 30 day challenge. It must be completed by September 21st to count for the 2nd quarter.

Here’s the beautiful thing: since I’m 24, I still count as a “young adult” and there was no registration fee. The gym membership is $29.50/month so technically I make $10 a month for going to the gym and then I get a $50 bonus four times a year. That’s $360 extra a year just to work out! 

What will I do with that money? I should put it towards debt, but I’m not. At least not right now (more on that later). For starters, I will buy myself a one-piece athletic swimsuit, swim cap and goggles. Those babies are expensive! The Y has a great pool with water workout classes and it will be an excellent cross-training workout, especially on days my knees and hips are not happy campers.

Once those items are purchased, any money left over is simply for my workout fund. I can buy a new sports bra, new running shoes, pay for a race etc. without any guilt. What a win-win situation!

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