Listening…to and watching White Collar Season 3 – Finally on Netflix!

Eating…Sixlets! I found them at the discount grocery store in town, of all places!

Drinking…water. Still loving my Camelbak!

Wearing…Express yoga pants and t-shirt. Haven’t changed from my earlier workout yet, oops!

Feeling…tired but comfortable and happy.

Weather…perfect summer weather.

Needing…nothing. Like my dad always says, there is a huge difference between wants and needs.

Wanting…ah yes, where do I begin? I want cheaper insurance, a personal dietician, a personal trainer, my wedding planned and paid for by my clone, Tiny Thai, to go shopping, a whole day to read in my comfy bed, a kayak, a dog, world peace. Ya know, the list could go on and on, as always.

Thinking…that there are not enough hours in the day. We didn’t eat dinner until 9:45pm last night after we squeezed everything else out of our to-do list.

Enjoying…our new TV! I know you’re not supposed to keep a TV in the bedroom but we do. Matt was in charge of picking out a TV for us and he did a really good job for a good price! 42″ HDTV, internet enabled, yada, yada, yada. I’ve never been one to make big electronic purchases, but Matt has been pondering and saving for the perfect TV for a year now.

After a really fun, jam-packed weekend in MN, this “currently” post is the best I got today. More Wedding Wednesday to come tomorrow!

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