Operation Bridesmaid Dress

Once upon a time, I found a bridesmaid dress for my best friend’s wedding for $10. When I found it I thought to myself, it’s a little bit tight but surely I can lose some weight by September and for $10, I have to freakin’ buy it!

That was in March, right before I ran the half marathon.

Now it’s suddenly August and I’m not exactly as in shape as I was during race training. And it was tight back then.

March 2012

I haven’t exactly lost weight since then. In fact, I’ve packed on quite a few pounds and now the dress can barely be peeled over my hips. There is no wiggle room for dancing, and knowing Amanda, that is the most essential part of the dress.

So on Monday I started Operation Bridesmaid Dress. Not only is it important to fit into this dress financially, I need to get back in shape anyway. What’s included in this little operation of mine, you ask?


I’ve been using SparkPeople.com to keep my eating under control. Initially, I entered all my info and told them I wanted to lose 10 lbs by Sept 15. They told me how many calories I needed to eat and burn through workouts. Then I was off and running.

I am limited to 1,550 calories/day. I enter the food I eat and it tells me what I have left.


Tuesday’s Food


Sometimes it’s really hard! Probably because I’ve been using eating as a hobby when I’m bored. It’s not that I’m legitimately hungry, I’m just bored. Cutting that out has been difficult and I’ve had to make smarter choices for meals and snacks to make sure they keep me full. The minute I feel deprived, I want an entire bag of chips and all hell breaks loose. Fortunately I’ve been pretty good about it all so far. It’s similar to tracking my spending money so the transition was pretty simple.

And if I make tasty foods, it can be delicious to eat healthy!

I make a big ol’ batch of salad for lunches. Spinach/lettuce mix, avocado, and turkey breast. I tried to add in some egg whites from hard-boiled eggs, which I had never made.

My first attempt didn’t go so well.

Attempt #2 – not quite, but better.

Ah, third time’s the charm!

Dinners similar to this have been tasty too:

pork chops & grilled asparagus


This is my new water bottle. I named him Eddy. I do my best to drink 3 bottles a day. It’s not easy but there are too many benefits from water to not do it.

Working Out:

Running 3x/week. I started an intermediate Couch to 5K program that lasts 5 weeks. It starts with run 3 minutes, walk 1 minute, 8 times. I’ve found that to be quite difficult so I’ve been doing my best and will officially start next week, hopefully more capably!

On the nights I’m not running, I do some sort of workout from Pinterest.

I have exactly 1.5 months to get in shape and enjoy the crap out of this $10 dress. Wish me luck, please!!

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