Starting with the basics

As a kid I played basketball and regardless of my poor skills, I had a dream to surpass the WNBA and be the first woman in the NBA. I typically have the “Go big or go home” mindset when I set goals. When I decided to start running, I thought my first race should be a half marathon even though I hadn’t even ran a full mile ever in my life.

Well I didn’t end up in the NBA but I did do a half marathon. My performance was hardly anything to brag about and I only ran a few minutes straight. After recovering from that race, I refused to settle for anything less than a half marathon. Ultimately, I want to run a marathon, so my brain assumed the only way to get there was to make forward progress. If I got more comfortable with running an entire half marathon, I am pretty close to being able to run a full marathon. Well, yes, that would be ideal.

But I got WAY too far ahead of myself. I don’t want to run/walk a marathon. I want to run every step of the way and I want my body to be prepared for it and maybe actually enjoy it. Some people are natural runners but I’m certainly not one of them. That being the case, I can’t just dive into another half marathon and expect results.

So instead of making big huge plans for another half marathon this fall, I’m taking a few steps backward and starting with the basics.

In my head, it sounds minimal but a 5K is the perfect next challenge for me. Despite doing a half marathon, I have never ran 3 miles straight. And it has been 4 months since the race and 4 months since I’ve done any major running. A 5K actually sounds a little difficult to me at the moment and I’m excited about it.

I will not compare myself to those who regularly run half or full marathons. I will not compare myself to those who can run effortlessly and don’t have to walk. I will simply start from the beginning and see how far I can go.

I’ve realized I need to go easier on myself with my goals. With a new job, a new location, and many other big life adjustments, I want running to be fun and doable and realistic. I always dream so big, set up these huge, unreasonable tasks and expectations to meet these big goals and then I wear myself out.

It’s time for a different approach and I can’t wait to see where it takes me. And just because I’m starting small does not mean that a full marathon is out of sight. It will happen one day and this way, I will actually be ready for it!

July 28th – Brandon’s B+ 5K (It’s only $20 and for an AMAZING cause. Go register right now!!)
-I will run/walk this race as training for a fall 5K

Sept 23 – Instead of running the Fox Cities Half Marathon as planned, I’m stepping down to do the 5K. I will run the whole thing and my goal pace is 11 minutes.

We’ll see where running takes me from there.

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One Response to Starting with the basics

  1. Good for you! You need to do what's best for you and I think building up to marathon with shorter races is a great way to do it 🙂 Good Luck!

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