Favorite Childhood Memory – #15DayChallenge

Growing up I had a toy kitchen. Around the age of 5, my friend Chelsea and I pretended to cook meals all day long. One day, my dad asked if he could make us some magic cookies. We were mystified and agreed that he could use our kitchen.

He took two plastic toy cookies and put them in the toy oven. He told us to close our eyes and count to 10. When we opened our eyes, we opened the oven and there stood two real Pecan Sandies cookies! I wish I had a picture that captured our pure shock . We thought my dad really had magic powers!

Eventually I snuck a peek one day and discovered his trick. Once we learned it, we tried to show our sisters about these magical cookies. We weren’t nearly as sneaky because they caught on pretty quickly.

Either way, it was such an easy, fun surprise. I will never forget it.

I actually used this memory when I created my dad’s “60 memories for 60 years” birthday present.

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2 Responses to Favorite Childhood Memory – #15DayChallenge

  1. Victoria says:

    awww what a sweet memory :)the joys of childhood!happy 4th!

  2. Sar says:

    Bwaaaahahaha that's adorable! My mom used to have us close our eyes while riding in the car, then she'd rev the engine and then release, saying we were in the air for a little bit (and the rev'ing was to get it off the ground). Then, if we opened our eyes, we'd quickly "land" and she'd ask us about our short flight! I distincting remember this, and I totally believed it.

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