Attachment – #15daychallenge

[Day 3]: Tell about an article of clothing you’re deeply attached to.

These are my first official pair of running shoes. I went to Jack Rabbit, the running store, to get fitted for them last winter. They helped eliminate my knee pain as I trained for my first half marathon. They helped make it possible for me to actually run the race. And they were with me every step of 13.1 miles through New York City all the way to the finish line . 

I love that I personalized them with pink shoe laces. I love that they’re teal. I love that they make my feet actually look small, compared to some running shoes.  In fact, just writing about them is making me want to go run, which is really the number one reason I love them. They motivate me to get off my bum and push me to run!

No dress, jeans, or shirt could ever make me feel as happy about life.

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One Response to Attachment – #15daychallenge

  1. Tamara says:

    Yay for running shoes! I signed up for my first half [eek!] and desperately need a good pair of running shoes. We have a local store here that analyzes your gait and all that – but for some reason I'm really nervous. Like I'm going to go in and they be like You are in no way a runner. hahahahhahaha

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