Does this mean I’m officially a runner now?

I know people always say that as long as you run, you’re considered a runner. It’s not about speed or how many races you’ve completed or won. It’s simply about putting on your running shoes and hitting the pavement or tredmill.

I always liked to think this is true, considering I am incredibly slow and take walk breaks.

However, Matt and his family got me a Garmin 210 for my birthday and I suddenly feel official. No, my speed hasn’t changed, nor have I been running more often. But the fact that I can track my pace and distance by glancing at my wrist makes me feel like Kara Goucher, or at least these cool kids. Does this mean I will actually care about how fast I’m running??

It’s beyond ridiculous to think this way but it’s a lot of fun. I know it won’t magically make me faster but I’m excited for this tool to help me. Now, I might even dip my toes into the world of tempo runs…gasp! I didn’t even know what a tempo run WAS a year ago! 

I’m really looking forward to putting this baby to a real test during the Red, White, and Boom Half Marathon relay NEXT WEEK! Oh my goodness…I can’t believe how quickly that snuck up on me! 

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One Response to Does this mean I’m officially a runner now?

  1. Jessie says:

    Fun!! How far do you run on the half marathon relay? Do you run a full half?

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