Birthday Wish List

My big ol’ Golden Birthday is on Sunday (ya know, when you’re turning the age of your birth date – turning 24 on the 24th). Growing up, when I thought about my golden birthday, I thought 24 sounded so old and grown up. In reality, it snuck up on my really quickly and it will likely be a pretty mellow affair this weekend.  Regardless, birthday wish lists are always fun so here’s mine this year:

Race Registration!

Books and/or gift cards for my nook or Amazon!

A kayak!

An iPad!

Giftcards (aka permission) to shop! Target, TJ Maxx, Kohls, Express, ya know the usual suspects!

A clone to plan our wedding, or Jennifer Lopez.

Really though, I’m just excited to spend a day with Matt and our families. Guess that means I’m growing up.

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3 Responses to Birthday Wish List

  1. woodsy says:

    I've also heard it referred to as your "champagne birthday" (if you drink).

  2. Katie says:

    Of course I drink! I like that reference much better and will now have champagne on Sunday, thanks to you!

  3. Jessie says:

    Next time you have to post your wishlist sooner! So people don't get your gift not knowing what you want =)

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