Weekend Recap – lots of celebrating!

I never would have thought the suburbs of the Twin Cities would be considered exciting but honestly, compared to the small town I now live in, it is. The speed limit is normal, my phone gets Verizon coverage, and of course my family and friends being there helps a whole lot too.

I was thrilled to spend another weekend at my parent’s house in Minnesota. We got to town around 9 on Friday night. Before late night happy hour at Applebees for my mom’s birthday the boys watched the Twins/Brewer game and I tried on my mom’s wedding dress.

It fit! Man, those sleeves are something else! I will be using the lace sleeve to wrap around my bouquet stems on our big day ๐Ÿ™‚

Saturday morning I headed to Amanda’s bridal shower, my first!

The bride-to-be and the beautiful centerpiece ๐Ÿ™‚
Opening presents – I made her that serving platter but more on that later this week

I spent the afternoon with my lovely mother while Matt and my dad went to the Twins/Brewers game.

We got manicures and tried on wedding dresses (don’t worry – that is not a dress I’ll be getting!). We enjoyed a yummy lunch at Noodles and I finally talked to Verizon about getting my phone fixed.

You see, I live in a town that is so small, it is not in the Verizon network…I know, right? So I wouldn’t get any data service on my phone. I was worried I would need to cancel my plan and buy an expensive phone. Fortunately my phone simply needed updating and voila, it works! Big relief!

Anyway, Matt and I met up with Amanda and her family for dinner and drinks Saturday evening.

It was a lot of fun until the bartender started pouring double strong drinks ๐Ÿ˜‰

Fortunately, I pulled myself together on Sunday morning to celebrate Father’s Day with a game of tennis!

Matt and I eventually made our way back to Wisconsin just in time for the NBA finals. We both needed a relaxing night before we jumped into a busy week ahead. We’re booth rooting for OKC Thunder and it was close game the whole time, my favorite kind of game regardless of the outcome.

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