Weekend Recap – Part 2

This past weekend we stayed in Wisconsin. It’s taking some serious adjustment coming from New York but we managed to have a pretty good weekend.

It started with a dinner at Amber Grill on the patio.
 I got the Brewhouse Burger, Matt had the American Classic, and of course we shared cheese curds.
Afterward we ventured over to Lowe’s to pick out wedding colors! Plenty more on that later!
It was still pretty early in the night so we walked around Petco “just for fun”. We came home with beta fish named Mitch Kettleson! It’s nice to have some company during the day while I job hunt!
We spent the rest of the night playing cards and having a few drinks. I’m pretty much a pro at cribbage 🙂

Saturday morning we got up early to go on a run and putz around the house. Matt had some time to play video games with friends while I had time to catch up with Fifty Shades Darker.

Eventually we made our way to a brewery tour with Matt’s coworker and their friends.

$3 for a tour and tasting of Point Brewery! The only one I really enjoyed was the “Nude Beach” but it was interesting to learn more about my new town and meet new people.

Afterward we spent the night at Matt’s friend’s girlfriend’s cousin’s cabin…did you get that? 

We cooked out, played a few games, built a bonfire and enjoyed some peace and quiet. I actually saw a full sky of stars and a bald eagle had a nest in a tree right off the dock! Certainly different than New York!

Sunday we stopped for lunch before our 2-hour drive home.

Not going to lie, sometimes my southern accent comes out here because it’s such a hick town. It definitely happened over lunch!

Sunday night date night included Buffalo Wild Wings, cribbage and watching Acts of Valor.

Such an intense movie but well done. Food was delicious and it was great to relax together.


On another note, I want to wish my beautiful mother a very happy birthday! In fact, I’m on my way to Minnesota to celebrate with her this afternoon! It’s great being close enough to celebrate her day in person!!

 Happy Birthday, Mom, I love you!

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One Response to Weekend Recap – Part 2

  1. HowdyFromNYC says:

    You are just livin' the dream aren't ya?! I'm so happy for you, you look absolutely thrilled. :)I finished 50 shades. LOVED! How is the 2nd book?

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