Weekend Recap – Part 1

I have two weekends to recap so I will start with last weekend and this past weekend will be up tomorrow.

My first weekend back in the Midwest was eventful. Despite driving half way across the country earlier in the week (yes, I will write about that one day too), I picked Matt up from work on Friday to make the 3.5 hour drive to my parent’s house in Minnesota.

We spent Friday night celebrating our engagement with my parents, who had champagne and Little Ceaser’s pizza ready for us.

We also celebrated my Dad’s 60th birthday with a present from me.

I got him a trip down memory lane. One of the best presents I’ve ever given. A whole post will be dedicated do Dad’s birthday soon.

Of course I needed some quality time with our dog, Abby, too.

Saturday morning I enjoyed some Caribou Coffee, Bruger’s Bagels and FINALLY got my hair done. Highlights, a hair cut and tip, all for $100. Much cheaper than New York salons!

While I waited for my friend, Tanya, to get off work I used my $40 off coupon for Express at the Mall of America. It felt great to be back at my old stomping grounds and get a cute new top without spending a dime!

I met Tanya for coffee afterward. It is so nice living closer to her and catching up on the past few months!

I hurried home to get ready for my dad’s birthday party. It was a trailer trash themed mystery dinner and people went all out!!

The entire trailer park đŸ™‚
A hippie (Matt), the trailer park owner (my dad), and a Wal-Mart employee (dad’s friend) trying to solve the murder!
My fiance, ladies and gentlemen!

The party was a blast! My parents got the script off host-party.com, sent everyone their character description via e-vites and everyone got into full character. It was so much fun!

To pack one more thing into our day, we met up with some good friends in Uptown after the trailer trash party. Yes, we changed clothes but no, Matt did not shave that stylish facial hair.

We wrapped up the weekend with a birthday breakfast with my dad, since Sunday was his actual birthday, a visit with my friend Laura and her ADORABLE daughter, Morgan, and a visit with Amanda and her fiance, Zeb. I should have taken pictures with these lovely ladies but I was too tired to remember.

Whew, we sure were exhausted by the time we got home Sunday night. We have a tradition of ending our weekend with Sunday night date night but we pretty much just passed out early and called it a day.

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One Response to Weekend Recap – Part 1

  1. Amanda says:

    I'm not sure how handy you are with hair dying but doing it yourself is a way to save. I pay about $12 every time I need my hair dyed. The most I ever paid for a haircut was about $45 and I thought that was a lot lol.

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