Poutine, Robin Sparkles and Tim Hortons: Toronto Recap

Although I grew up in Minnesota, I had never been to Canada until my final business trip took me to Toronto in the middle of May. I learned everything I knew about Canada from Robin on How I Met Your Mother.

I love any chance to travel, especially when it’s paid for by work! Regardless of going there by myself, I did a lot of exploring and had a great time!

First stop was the Eaton Center. It was no Mall of America but still fun to explore Canadian stores.

Before getting to the conference to set up I had to get my hands on some poutine, of course.

I ate at Big Smoke Burger at the Eaton Center, a pretty big shopping mall.
Fries and cheese curds covered in gravy – pretty tasty although the “cheese curds” were nothing like what I’m used to in WI.
THIS is a real cheese curd. If these were in Poutine, it would be glorious!

The next day was Thursday and I basically spent my non-work time with a workout and Mr. Grey.

Friday was a bit more adventurous. After work I went to the World’s Biggest Bookstore thanks to a suggestion by Jogging on Coffee! I somehow managed to not buy anything, even though I wanted to buy the whole store!

Afterward I visited the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum), as suggested by A Prince and Prozac. On Friday evenings they turn the museum into a party with a bar and appetizers. I didn’t realize the party was limited to the lobby and I couldn’t view the actual exhibits but it was still pretty cool.

I mingled by myself for a while until a guy came up to me.
Guy: Are you a runner?
Me: Sure, I know how to but haven’t done much lately.
Guy: Cool, I ran 10 miles yesterday.
Me: Cool…
Guy: So can I ask you a weird question?
Me: Sure
Guy: Would you ever date a guy that listens to Disney music?
Me: Well it’s a little weird but it’s not a deal breaker.
Guy: The reason I ask is because my friend met a guy on MySpace and on their date he had it on in the background.
Me: Wow, I didn’t even know people still used MySpace.
Guy: Would you ever date a guy you met on MySpace?
Me: Well, I have a boyfriend so probably not.
Guy immediately walks away and I quickly distract myself with this drag queen.

Is that story normal for Canadians??

Saturday I worked a half day and spent the afternoon accidentally exploring before I made my way to the Toronto Islands.

Hockey Hall of Fame

I took a $7 ferry ride to the Toronto Islands, recommended by Rosa, and they were gorgeous.

Another story for another day!!

The Gibraltar Point Lighthouse
No cars were allowed, it was so nice a quiet!
Lake Ontario

Sunday I made my way back to the US and was surprised with a great view of NYC from the plane!

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5 Responses to Poutine, Robin Sparkles and Tim Hortons: Toronto Recap

  1. That is one strange conversation! Thankfully not all Canadian guys are that weird 😉 Glad you had time to explore even though you were there for work.

  2. Looks like you had a pretty good time! I'm a little homesick from looking at your pictures! I miss Ontario!That bookstore is sweet. I always spend too much cash in there. It sucks that you didn't get to see more of the ROM, but I mean, at least you had a weird interaction with a creeper that you got to use as blog content, amirite?I'm sort of with you on not being crazy impressed with The Eaton Centre. I like it, but I find the stores on the streets are much more fun.

  3. Amanda says:

    Sounds like you had a great trip. I would date a guy who likes Disney movies…not so sure about Disney music when the movie isn't on though lol. I am also surprised anyone still uses MySpace.

  4. K & J says:

    Sounds like such a fun time. Would love to go there myself someday. Kara XOXOPS: LOVED the Robin Sparkles vid!!! one of my fav shows.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Love the pictures! I just barely saw that HIMYM episode the other day, and laughed so hard. Love it!

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