Plan of attack

Oh wait, it’s JUNE next week??? When did that happen? 2012 is seriously flying by faster than most years (or maybe it just seems like it). As fun as it is to not have to wish away time, things like training plans have really snuck up on me!

In 6 short weeks I’ll be running the Twin Cities Half Marathon as a relay. I have dilly-dallied with running lately but I’m in no shape to whip out 6.55 miles. I quickly realized yesterday that I need a plan of attack, especially with the craziness of moving half-way across the country in the next week! Here’s the low down of what I’ll do:

I’m a little behind (shocking, I’m sure), so I started on Monday night of week 2. It was rainy, the reservoir was filled with puddles and my legs weren’t feeling it. But I tried and that’s what matters. Last night I rested and tonight I’m hoping to squeeze in some cross training between babysitting and experiencing the start of Fleet Week!

Matt has been told to bring his running shoes this weekend so we’ll be sure to fit in a few runs in Central Park before I leave. I may or may not have cried a little bit this week about leaving behind my favorite running spot at the reservoir. The view is stunning, it’s a quiet escape from the madness of the city, and it’s where I learned to run. It will always be one of my happy places.

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2 Responses to Plan of attack

  1. Kelly says:

    You are SO organized!! No doubt you'll do great if you stick to your schedule πŸ™‚ And yes, I canNOT believe that June is right around the corner. WHERE has 2012 gone??

  2. kate says:

    whaaaaaat no way, it is not june next week! AH! good work getting in the run πŸ™‚ you've run more this week than i have! πŸ˜›

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