Big Plans

I’m not going to lie, I lost some steam after that half marathon. Between resting my hips and knees and finally knowing I could do it, I got lazy and lost a lot of motivation. The thing I love about running is that it’s a sport where you compete with yourself. If I ran a 2:57 half marathon, I should want to improve that – that’s what makes running the same race distance exciting, right? Unfortunately for me, knowing that I can, in fact, run 13.1 miles if I have to made the idea of training for the fall half less challenging. I’ve been so thrilled that I simply finished that I haven’t much cared about improving my time, even though that snails pace certainly needs improving!

I have been mostly annoyed that I had lost my excitement for running. I had dedicated myself to a healthier lifestyle and then I stopped being healthy. That is not the life I want to live for myself.

I stumbled upon a strategy, not an original one I’m sure, that has restored my motivation. My blogging twin, Katie, sent out an inquiry if anyone wanted to do the Red, White & Boom Twin Cities Half Marathon as a relay in July. Now that I’ll be moving to Wisconsin (less than 2 weeks!) soon, I will be in the area for this race and I jumped at the chance. After a few e-mail exchanges, we’re registered!

That means 6.55 miles by July 4. And my big motivator is that I want to run this entire race. No walking. My other big motivator is obviously that I have Katie depending on my performance for us to finish this race. Fortunately for both of us the time limit is generous but it would still be great to contribute a good half of the race! Plus it would set me up well for training to run the entire half marathon in September.

Additionally, in July Matt and I are running a 5K in honor of his younger brother who passed away two years ago from Leukemia.

Matt’s family at last year’s race

This will be the first race I ever do for speed. If I can knock out 6.5 miles on July 4th, I can surely do 3.1. So now it’s a matter of how fast can I do it? I plan on really pushing my limits to see what I’m capable of. And, this will also set me up to run a faster half marathon in September.

Clearly I’m motivated by races and performance. Hopefully one day I’m simply motivated by my love of running. Until then, I’m going to keep mixing it up and challenging myself.

I made sure to run last night at the hotel’s fitness center.

I started reading 50 Shades of Grey as treadmill motivation

Ran 2, walked 3 for 30 minutes. Felt good but my body definitely needs to get back in shape! July 4th here I come!

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