A day at the movies

If you simply wander around New York, you can easily find yourself in the midst of a few famous movie (or TV show) scenes. Sunday I did just that, for free I might add.

I started with meeting Blaire and Serena on the steps of the Met for breakfast, since ya know, I am one of those Upper East Siders Gossip Girl always greets.

Next was a childhood favorite.

Damn tourists want to sit on Alice’s lap…it’s Alice in Wonderland with all the main characters on a mushroom.

Ok so this isn’t a scene, so be it.

Next I met Carrie and Big at the Boathouse.

Ya know the scene…where Carrie and Big end up falling in the pond.

Then I made sure all the exhibits were carefully restored after a wild night of adventures at the American Museum of Natural History.

Never fear, Teddy Roosevelt came in to help me save the day!

Lastly, Tom Hanks met me in Riverside Park with his dog Brinkley. We’ve been exchanging e-mails for a while now and I always hoped it was him 😉

I will certainly miss this city but I’m sure glad I got to soak up a little bit more of it before I left! Now I’m off to Toronto for the rest of the week! Can’t wait to get another stamp in my passport, especially for an all expenses paid business trip! Pictures to come soon 🙂

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One Response to A day at the movies

  1. Very cool. I wanted to see more of the stuff from movies in Savannah than I did, but I did get to see a few before we left.

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