Meatless Monday

This week was kind of a bust regarding Meatless Monday. I tried, I really did. I just didn’t like it.

First up, I tried making vegetable quinoa stir fry.

I was really excited to try cooking quinoa. What a strange word, isn’t it? It’s a grainy, rice-like texture that has the same amount of protein as a chicken breast.

This box was about $6. Doesn’t seem much cheaper than a chicken breast.

I was also excited to see this colorful pan of vegetables. How pretty is this?

carrots, broccoli and mixed bell peppers

I was a little too stir fry sauce-happy and unfortunately the quinoa soaked up the sauce to become a bit overwhelming. I missed the texture of meat in this meal. It was healthy and not disgusting but I would never crave this without some meat.

Fortunately for me, I also made banana muffins from scratch that night and they were delicious. I ended up eating those to finish up my meal. Can’t always be healthy, am I right?

This is the last of my Meatless Monday posts, at least for now. Instead, I will continue to experiment in the kitchen with healthy meals simply because I truly enjoy cooking. Especially now that I’m moving, I will have a little more room in our budget to afford groceries and a little more room (and more appliances) in our kitchen to cook more. Matt has already agreed to be open minded and try everything that I cook (muahahaha what an adventure that will be!) and I have agreed to not get mad if he doesn’t like it. Just call me Emeril!

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3 Responses to Meatless Monday

  1. Kelly says:

    YUM!! I found a recipe for quinoa stirfry last week and I can't wait to try it out. I just love quinoa. And the veggies too? YUM. Did you just use soy sauce in yours?Happy Monday 🙂

  2. Quinoa is one of my favorite meatless proteins – sorry to hear it didn't wow you! If you go to a store with a bulk bin, you might be able to find it a little bit cheaper 🙂

  3. I've never tried quinoa. It looks good but I think I would have to add chicken to it. lol. My favorite meal lately is peppered salmon twists with whole grain pasta, feta cheese, and either black beans or peas. It's about $7 for the ingredients to feed two (and we get at least 2 more servings out of the pasta and feta).

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