A few letters for Friday

Dear Career Builder,
You actually helped me land my current job. I thought you might be useful again. However, your daily e-mails alerting me about a “Manufacturing Engineer” are not helpful. Nothing about my resume screams manufacturing nor engineer. Please try again.

Soon to be unemployed

Dear Matt,
I’m excited to run a 5K together this summer! I toyed with the idea of making it a competition and actually being able to beat you…until you said it has never taken you more than 20 minutes to run a 5K. Excuse me? Where has this runner been all my life? Looks like I have a new running coach on my hand! Perk #293847 of moving across country for you!

Love you!
Soon to be speedy

Dear employers (present and past),
Although my specific jobs weren’t exactly what I was looking for, you certainly were. I’ve been very lucky to have such supportive, flexible, friendly, and entertaining bosses since graduating college. Thank you for making my transition into the real world pretty easy.

I will miss you (if I don’t already),
Your favorite employee (probably)

Dear Vikings,
Thank you for finally figuring out how to stay in Minnesota. Many shit-fits have been avoided because of this. Despite the fact that I’m moving to Wisconsin (gasp!) and that people have already started their campaign for me to be a Packers fan (scandalous!), I will always be loyal to you – no matter how devastating you can be. Thank you for not moving to LA.

Please don’t disappoint,
Your biggest fan

Dear New York,
You are MUCH more fun when I’m not stressed about a budget. Allowing myself to truly enjoy your wonderful city without money concerns (within reason) this past week has been amazing. If only I could have lived this way all year. It’s unfortunate that to truly enjoy living here, you need a minimum of $40,000/year and no student loans. I have another week of glamor in me and I can’t wait to make the most of it! Show me what you got, New York!

With high expectations,
I ❤ NY

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One Response to A few letters for Friday

  1. Enjoy your last week in NYC and good luck with the move 🙂

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