Thursday Thoughts

  • I’ve been pretty lazy lately. Lazy with blogging, budgeting, running, eating healthy, etc. However, I’ve certainly been living life and some big, exciting changes are coming soon! I can’t blog about them just yet but trust me, I wish I could!
  • I have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning. My first in almost 5 years. It started out as inconvenience when I didn’t have a car in college to get to my appointments. Now it has turned into fear that they will have to take out all of my teeth because they haven’t been professionally cleaned in so long. Rational, I know. Wish me luck please.
  • I saw this amazing tutorial on how to create a hanging display for your necklaces this morning at I Love You More Than Carrots and I cannot wait to make one of my own. Relatively painless and certainly affordable. Go check it out!
  • I stumbled upon a blog called Budget Bytes this morning and I’m obsessed. This is not just a website on how to spice up Ramen inexpensively. These recipes look flavorful and delicious and are broken down by price per serving, all of which are reasonably priced. 
  • I am also loving this blog about being “pre-engaged”. After a freak-out last weekend when I saw The 5-Year Engagement and everyone and their brother asking if I have a ring yet or when I will get engaged, this blog brought some sanity to my life. This blog also led me to buy my good friend Faith the book inspired by the blog, A Practical Wedding. She recently got engaged and I was thrilled to find a practical, yet special gift for her. Does anyone else feel “pre-engaged” or get bombarded with questions about engagements or weddings etc when you’re thrilled to be dating for now?! It has gotten quite out of hand in my neck of the woods and I am forcing myself not to get caught up in it.
  • No one asked me to promote any of these sites, they simply seemed pretty cool to me. 
  • Allergies are for the birds. So is asthma. 
  • I’m going to Toronto for a work trip in two weeks. I have never been to Canada so I’m pretty excited about it. What should I see or do while I’m there? Gotta start planning!
  • I recently have gotten myself into Revenge and Scandal and Eli Stone (thanks Megan and Matt for the suggestions!). So good! I’m running out of shows to watch on Netflix. Anyone know any hidden gems I might like? I can’t wait to have cable again one day!

That’s all I got for now!  Happy Thursday!

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6 Responses to Thursday Thoughts

  1. so excited to hear your big news!!! I know exactly how you feel re: being pre-engaged – if you ever need to vent/talk about it, email me! (email is on my blog). Also, the five year engagement is my life!! Once we finally got engaged, I was smack dab in the middle of law school – not a great time to get married. So by the time our wedding rolls around, we will have been engaged for two years. It worked for us though, and thats all that matters!

  2. hi, just found your blog and noticed your question about Canada.I am from Ontario, hang out in Toronto a lot (majority of my friends live there) though I do live in Kelowna, BC now.Some fun things in Toronto: The ROM museum is awesome, lots of amazing shopping and eating to do around Bloor…. I usually go to the Eaton centre, get lost in there, then find an exit and keep walking… you will discover lots. You will have to let me know how you like it!

  3. kate says:

    LOVE this post 🙂 also loved that blog you suggested–so relevant. have fun in canada, eh!

  4. Rosa says:

    I live one city over from Toronto and I love it! I would suggest checking out the CN Tower, exploring the Eaton Centre (mentioned above), maybe kayaking or taking a ferry to Toronto Island, scoping out some restaurants, watching buskers and musicians in Dundas Square (near the Eaton Centre) and shopping!If you want to check out some cool indie or foreign films, I highly recommend TIFF Bell Lightbox on King Street. They have neat movies playing every day.Have a blast!

  5. Jessie says:

    When are you going to Canada? I'm excited for you!! Can't wait to see pictures. I TOTALLY, 100%, feel you on the pre-engaged thing. Dave and I have been together for 2 years. You can imagine the comments…especially right after the cruise. =(

  6. I lived in Toronto for a few months and one of my favourite areas is the Beaches – there is a cute little boardwalk and lots of good restaurants around there. Also check out the World's Biggest Bookstore (I don't know if it still is but thats what its called :P) which is near the Eaton Center. Have fun :)!

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