Weekly Update

I spent a lovely weekend in Wisconsin and got back late last night. Quality time with Matt > blogging 🙂

Despite traveling last week, I tried to stay on track with my spending. It seems I’m almost always short on cash after week 1 of a 2 week pay period but I’m doing the best I can.

Monday: -$18 concessions at the Twins/Yankee game. Twins won!

Tuesday: -$2 for overdue library fee

Wednesday: No spend day!
                   +$45 babysitting

Thursday: -$10 Bus to airport
                -$6.81 snacks for plane ride

Friday: -$7.99 Netflix

Saturday: -$16.04 Erbs & Gerbs post bar meal for Matt, Amanda and me

Sunday: -$6.86 Subway
             -$1.94 snack at airport
             -$12.50 train from airport
             -$16 cab home from train station

Could have been better, could have been worse. Fortunately I babysit every night this week so my spending will be limited.

This week was a lot of fun  and most activities were inexpensive!

  • Tickets for the Twins vs Yankees game were $7 each (after taxes & fees).
  • Tuesday was book club with a great new group of girls! Kelli was so nice to invite me!

No one was a huge fan of the book but we had delicious dinner and desserts and fun conversation. It was a great way to spend an inexpensive evening and I am really looking forward to next month’s meeting!

  • Went on a walk with Matt and Amanda in Stevens Point

  • Played Just Dance 3 on Matt’s xbox (SO FUN!)
  • Window shopped to kill some time. Wasn’t even tempted to buy anything!
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3 Responses to Weekly Update

  1. Michelle P says:

    I think you did good!

  2. HowdyFromNYC says:

    Wait, you mean we didn't scare you off?! 😉

  3. Lisa says:

    Sounds like a great weekend! My husband and I are going to the Yankees game this Saturday, but we'll be cheering for the Tigers!!Have a great week!

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