I would walk 500 miles

Exactly one month ago I was enjoying a delicious brunch and celebrating my completion of my first 1/2 marathon.

Where has the time gone?!
With hip and knee pain bugging me, I have only ran once since the race. If I were to try to run 1 mile today, I probably wouldn’t make it without walking. Isn’t it unfortunate how quickly all that hard work can vanish?

I have, however, been walking. It’s low impact so my knees and hips can heal while I continue to be active. I refuse to lose the habit of being active. I’ll admit I haven’t walked as often or as far as I could have but it’s better than nothing. 

At first it was really difficult to not run. When I went out to the reservoir path where many runners go, I wanted to join them so badly. The weather was perfect and it drove me nuts to slow my roll!  Apparently I have the running bug and miss running more than I ever expected!

With a slight adjustment to my music and attitude, the walks finally became relaxing and enjoyable. I learned that if hip flexor pain continues for 6 weeks or more, it becomes a chronic issue. I’ve done everything I can to get them healthy before that 6 week period and I’m happy to say it’s much better now. Walking and resting was certainly worth it.

I’m going to continue to walk and rest for the rest of the month. When May 1st rolls around I will start the C25K (Couch to 5K) program again in preparation for my next round of 1/2 marathon training.

This time around I will not be stupid about my training plan. I will not increase my mileage at ridiculous intervals. I will not stop training half way through and expect to run 13.1 miles all of the sudden. It seems obvious, right? Ultimately, I want my racing to be a health benefit, not an injury inducing hobby.

May 1st can’t come soon enough! I’m ready for a fresh start!

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4 Responses to I would walk 500 miles

  1. HowdyFromNYC says:

    I feel ya girl. I'm itching to get back to it. 😦

  2. it can take 6 weeks to recover from hip flexor pain!?!? i was limping really bad last week from my hips so i decided to rest it, the pain still hasn't gone completely away though but i ran 3 slow miles yesterday anyway. i'm doing fine today–the pain isnt bad but it's still slightly there. i can't afford to stop running though, my race is in 3 weeks! oh man, i had no idea it took so long to recover from hip flexor pain!

  3. Glad to hear you're staring to feel better 🙂 What race are you training next?

  4. Yeah, that would be starting not staring….Also, training FOR next. Geez, can you tell I haven't had my coffee yet :S

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