Money Update Monday

I’m still working on cleaver alliteration for a Monday post of this sort but the post shouldn’t have to wait until a cleaver title is found, right?

As I’ve started focusing more on finances lately, I’ve been reading more personal finance blogs. One common post is a weekly spending report to show accountability.

I really like that idea because I have a terrible habit of spending money on small things here and there and then I wonder where my money went. This way I can see exactly what my week looked like and where my money went. As a result, hopefully I can be more mindful and ultimately spend less. It reminds me of counting calories – if you have to write it down, you’ll think twice about consuming it. Each Monday I’ll recap the week before.

Monday 4/9: -$7 Ticket for Twins vs. Yankee game tonight!

Tuesday 4/10: No spend day!

Wednesday 4/11: No spend day!

Thursday 4/12: No spend day!
                        +$60 Easter present from my parents (1/2 spend, 1/2 save)

Friday 4/13: +$781.72 Payday!
                    -$27.16 Duane Reade (toiletries)
                    -$3.19 Coffee Creamer
                    – $23.54 Blockheads for dinner and drinks with Megan

Saturday 4/14: +$55 Babysitting
                       -$8.71 Papa Johns

Sunday 4/15: -$5.44 Subway for picnic in the park
                       -$19.90 Groceries

Not too shabby πŸ™‚

I also want to include a section about things I did that didn’t cost money or were relatively free each week.

  • I watched Park & Recs on Netflix. Funny show!
  • I did plenty of cooking. Made these yummy treats with my groceries:
Cheese Manicotti for lunches this week πŸ™‚
Cheesecake stuffed strawberries for Book Club!
  • Megan and I rearranged the living room! The apartment has a whole new feel and it was pretty easy to do!
  • I babysat some cute kids.
  • I joined some friends for a relaxing afternoon in Central Park. I brought a sandwich but it could have been free if I really wanted it to be. 
It was much sunnier than this picture lets on.
  • I did some homework by the East River.

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3 Responses to Money Update Monday

  1. Falon says:

    Having plenty of fun and saving money! Great job, Katie!

  2. Michelle P says:

    Looks like you did good with your spending!

  3. Kelly Rose says:

    Can I please get the mini strawberry cheesecake recipe?

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