Hips Don’t Lie

I didn’t have hip pain before the half marathon. Ever since mile 10 of that race my hips have been achey, as if I were a 90 year old woman! Sometimes even just while walking down the street the pain will set in.

After a lot of rest and a lot of research, I still wasn’t quite sure what my pain was called or how to fix it. Most web sites have been telling me about side hip pain or ITB syndrome, which didn’t apply.

Not where the pain is…but it used to!

Over Easter brunch, I mentioned to my cousin that I haven’t been running much since the race because of hip pain. He immediately asked if my pain was at the front of my hip, basically on my pelvic bone. Why yes, yes it was! My cousin told me he also gets pain there, on his hip flexors. Ah ha!

Unfortunately that is a tough spot to injure. It’s hard to stretch, it’s hard to strengthen and it never fully goes away. Super duper. Neato.

He recommended I use my foam roller on it:


But it just seems to irritate it even more.

Does anyone know much about hip flexor injuries and how to fix them!? (Blogger keeps telling me I’m even spelling “flexor” wrong so apparently this is not common.) At this rate, running will not be a regular thing for me and I’m not too happy about it.

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4 Responses to Hips Don’t Lie

  1. Jessie says:

    Sit in a chair and put one leg up on the other, like how a guy would cross his legs while sitting in a chair. Lean forward. Feel the stretch! I also get pain in my hip flexor when I train for big runs but stretching it allllways makes it so much better. =)

  2. i strained my hip flexor when training for my first marathon. i iced A LOT and barely did any movement for two full weeks. i didn't work out at all and i tried not to walk (it was a little easier for me since i was teaching at the time and it was summer so i got away with sitting around doing nothing). now i make sure to warm up my hip flexors with forward and side leg swings prior to a run and make sure to stretch them after (pigeon pose is my favorite).feel better!

  3. oh my gosh! Yesterday I was totally having pain in my left leg–just my left! But I ran my scheduled 4 miles anyway (slowly and on the treadmill instead of pavement). Today, it hurts so bad! I'm supposed to do 6 miles tonight and I think I may need a break. its like the upper left area of my left leg! I don't know what it is, but I know that I'm limping when I walk! i have no idea about run injuries and which ones are serious enough that you need a break, and which ones you should just run through ???

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am in the 10th week of a 12 week training program for my fist half marathon. I first noticed pain in my left hip/groin area several weeks ago after a 9 mile long run. The discomfort varies but is for the most part constant when I am walking or moving. I am still training although I added an additional rest day in place of my cross training day. Now all of my runs regardless of distance, start with a limpy awkward stride but after the first mile the stride becomes normal and I don't notice the discomfort until after the run, at which point I walk around stiff legged. I have noticed that I have less discomfort running on grass, and significantly more discomfort running on paved roads.

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