Spending Challenge Success

Things I’ve done this week that did not cost me money:

  • Thoroughly cleaned my room
  • Researched and applied for scholarships (Anyone know if FastWeb is a decent scholarship site?) 
  • Started (finally) watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix
Definitely sucked into this show!
  • Rented and started reading “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me” by Mindy Kaling
  • Listened to Spotify and Pandora instead of buying music on iTunes
  • Got creative in the kitchen
  • Finally went to the gym (more coming on that for Fit Friday!) 
  • Found more financial blogs to read to keep me motivated
  • Skyped with a good friend
  • Played games on POGO
  • Went on a walk
Spring is springing in NYC!

I wasn’t bored this week but I’m definitely looking forward to payday tomorrow! The no-spend challenge ends tonight because the Gophers (my Alma mater – University of Minnesota!) basketball team is playing in the NIT championship tonight at Madison Square Garden. Tickets were $13 and it’s the cheapest game I’ll be able to catch at MSG thanks to Lin-sanity. I’m looking forward to re-living my college days! Go Gophers!!

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    2 Responses to Spending Challenge Success

    1. Amanda says:

      I vaguely remember Fastweb being a good site back in the day when I was looking for scholarships. There are a fair deal that are need-based and then occasionally there are ones that are based on your essay around a book or topic.

    2. Cait says:

      Ok, not only am I so happy I found your blog, but I love this post! Things you did this week for free is such a simple topic yet I can honestly say I haven't read it on a personal finance blog…ever? Or at least in a long time.I've been thinking about starting Friday Night Lights but don't know anyone who's watched it. Are you liking it so far?Oh, and hi! 🙂

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