Going forward

Now that the race is over (aren’t you sick of hearing about that race yet?!), I have another major goal to think about.

It’s difficult balancing two major goals at once, and getting out of debt has definitely been pushed aside lately. Now that I can focus a little bit better, I’m ready to reduce that debt big time!

My biggest debt goals this year are to save enough money for fall tuition and to get rid of my credit card debt. Here’s what I need:

Fall Tuition: $4,000
Express CC Balance: $336
Chase CC Balance: $3,044

Each month I pay $40 to my Express bill and $80 to Chase. Additionally, I can usually save $100/paycheck when I stick to the spending diet.

However, it’s tax season and I’m getting $354 back from New York. That will completely pay off my Express Card! I will save the remaining balance for tuition. Then each month, I will pay $120 to Chase.

I’ll save $200/month and everything else I can for tuition to avoid student loans at all costs. I also filled out FAFSA and will be applying for scholarships to hopefully reduce the cost.

The spending diet is back in full effect as of today. Just like I did for running, I’ll research strategies, I’ll reach out for motivation and I’ll do my best to stay focused on this important goal. 

Reducing my debt will probably not be as fun as training for a race but it will be equally rewarding. I’m looking forward to finding new frugal strategies and making progress!

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One Response to Going forward

  1. Amanda says:

    Hurray for paying down debt! I used to work for one of your cards. I'll email you a couple tips that may help 😉

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